These spoons can be peculiar!

The curvi-linear Serpentine spoon’s ergonomic shape helps ease shoulder strain when sampling soups or stews for needed ingredients.¬†They curve like a piece of art in your hand, and definitely call out for conversation in your kitchen.

The small, or childrens’ version of the Serpentine spoon are great for kids’ first ‘own’ spoon. Recommended for 8 years and up.

The Long spoon replicates old soup stirring spoons, like the type your grandmother may have used.

The small Tasting spoons are ideal in the kitchen for sampling mixtures or portioning out salt or other spices.

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Serpentine Spoon - Serving

$35ea plus shipping

Serpentine Spoon - Children

$25ea plus shipping

Long Spoon

$35ea plus shipping

Tasting Spoon

$10ea plus shipping